Examine the Moon

We’ve added a couple of new features to Moon Zoo this week – which should help you learn more about the project and about the Moon itself. As well as testing the capabilities of the Zooniverse HQ coffee machine we have been trying to create new, useful tools that allow everyone to really explore the Moon.

Moon Zoo Live, and the new Examine tool, allow everyone to begin to understand what the LRO images show, and where they are on the Moon’s surface. On the Moon Zoo forum, users have been asking to know a bit more about the parts of the Moon they have classified and explored. We’re hoping that these new additions will help.


Every LRO image in our database now has its own ‘examine’ page that shows you more information about it. At present, you can access these from either the ‘My Moon Zoo‘ page or from the ‘More Information’ links on Moon Zoo live. There are some nice examples, here, here and here.

This powerful new tool lets you see each tile from our LRO dataset in context. You can zoom in and out, explore the surrounding area and see the entire LRO strip from which the tile originated. You can also see the same region of the Moon in other online Moon tools.


Moon Zoo Live shows a near real-time stream of Moon Zoo classifications on a pair of ever-updating maps. You can see not only where on the Moon everyone is busy clicking, but also where on the Earth they are clicking from! Moon Zoo Live connects these two worlds through the magic of the Zooniverse!

We hope you enjoy these new additions to Moon Zoo.

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6 responses to “Examine the Moon”

  1. katie joy says :

    Wow – the live map is amazing. Just great to see how many people all over the world are taking part in this project. Thanks everyone for your help, we really appreciate all the time you spend looking at the Moon. Enjoy Moon Zoo 🙂 Katie

  2. Jules says :

    Love the new Moon Zoo tools. I have just lost 2 hours……. 😉

  3. David Storey says :

    Now I don’t have to waste time and save money going through eBay pages during my lunch break at work. I now enjoy doing some Moon exploration and look forward to each image to be examined. A great project.

  4. Sean says :

    The ‘examine’ tool is very cool. I’m looking forward to hearing about what has been learned so far from all the crater and boulder observations people have been submitting.

  5. sarath chandra says :

    This is a great project.One who sees this site will have some idea about moon.And I am very excited by seeing moon on live I have decided to explore the moon.I am very thankful to the people who started this site.

  6. Muhammad says :

    I think it’s a great project I’m spending all of my free time on moon zoo! love it

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