The Moonometer™ Challenge

Did you know that Moon Zoo users have now classified an area three times the size of Wales? Or maybe you’d be interested to learn that, even on slow days, Moon Zoo users trawl a section of the Moon bigger than 500 Disneylands!

To celebrate International Observe the Moon Night we have launched the Moonometer™ – a fun way to understand how much work Moon Zoo is doing minute-by-minute. In addition, between September 15th and 19th we are challenging the Moon Zoo community to classify a huge chunk of the Moon: 20,000 images! This is roughly equivalent to an area twice the size of Chicago!

The Moonometer

To take part in the challenge all you have to do is classify things on Moon Zoo using either the Crater Survey or Boulder Wars tools. The Moonometer™ keeps track of the number of LRO images that have been classified and converts them into approximate equivalent areas.

You can also keep track of activity on Moon Zoo via the Moon Zoo Live! page. Here you’ll find ever-updating maps that show how Moon zoo is connecting the Earth to the Moon thanks to our users.

International Observe the Moon Night is all about learning more about the Moon going and taking a look at it. You can use our Explore the Moon pages to find out more about our nearest neighbour in space. To get involved with the Moon Zoo community, visit our forum and see what we’re currently talking about and looking at.

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3 responses to “The Moonometer™ Challenge”

  1. claymore says :

    WOW just in time for the challenge I just submitted my SECOND lunar landing site on boulder wars this week. Don’t know which ones they are but you can clearly see the vehicle trails and craft sitting on the surface. The first one earlier this week I was so excited I forgot to get a screen grab but this one from today I have saved a screen shot and will put it up if someone lets me know the process. WOW what a week!!

  2. Jules says :

    If you post your find on the forum claymore we can help you work out which site you found! Here are the sites we already have;

    You don’t need a screen grab. Check here for how to post pictures:

    If you need help just put a message on the forum. Hope to see you there. 🙂

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