Moore F Crater on the farside

Debris flow in Moore F crater.

Debris flow in Moore F crater.

This week we are looking at the Moore F crater on the farside.
User sergsh posted some interesting images in the “Interesting Terrain” thread from the area around the Moore F crater on the farside, then Jules followed up with further images and then Tom128 posted the following:

from LROC strip: M128075293RE

What I find exciting is that I believe we are seeing an erosion/landslide starting on the rim with the expanding cracks on the edge.
[quote by Tom128]

Further informative comments were made by IreneAnt:

These are indeed spectacular images of crater rim slumping, presenting examples of differing size and morphology! The size of the slump blocks and the way they look at the top are related to fracture systems in the rim, consolidation status of the block, and presence/thickness of the melt/ejecta/regolith at the top of the slump block. However, the question of when these blocks began slumping (during cratering or more recently) can’t be answered with the data we have here.
[quote by IreneAnt]

The Moore F crater has many impressive debris flows caused in part by the steepness of the walls of the crater. The Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimetry (LOLA) instrument indicates that in some cases the walls exceed 38 degrees especially near the crater rim.
The floor of the crater contains impact melts, broad terraces and slumps. An interesting crater to explore and plenty of LROC strips cover this crater (some of them are listed at the end if you want to explore further).

Some odd looking debris flow:

LROC Strip: M125720601RC

Melt from the floor of the crater:

LROC Strip: M125720601RC

A 3-D debris flow, originally found by user Tom128

LROC Strip: M108019392RC


LROC Strip: M110383422LC

The following short PDF document contains some interesting information about Moore F crater:

41st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2010)

LROC Strips – Latitude and Longitude relate to the centre of the strip:

La=37.04 Lo=185.16 M103302202RC
La=37.20 Lo=185.48 M128075293RC
La=37.26 Lo=185.51 M108019392RC
La=37.34 Lo=185.01 M125720601RC
La=37.45 Lo=184.91 M110383422LC

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