Franklin’s Bright Spots

I searched the forum for something new to post in this week’s slot and I found an image posted by Tom128, yesterday. It’s an interesting feature in Franklin Crater and I believe Tom’s post is the first for this.

The direction of sunlight and the angle of the terrain make these bright areas really stand out but why are they so bright? Is it just the angle of light and topography? Or maybe there is something in the surface material, here.

Tom128 included the a link to the strip. This region can be found at bottom of the strip. You can also zoom further in from here: M111279662LE

The original post is in TLP project –Notched cavities in lava.


Thomas J

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2 responses to “Franklin’s Bright Spots”

  1. Tom128 says :

    Hi Thomas, posting these comments that MZ team member IreneAnt made about the feature:

    ” My feeling is that what we have here is a region pretty much covered with impact melt, but with one bright area NOT covered by impact melt for some reason (topographic high?). I see lap-on features around the bright area, looking like fluid material flowed up to the bright patch and froze before the patch was inundated. Franklin is a large crater, so you would expect a lot of impact melt in the interior. It is also located in the northern highlands. Melt material will often look dark, even when made by melting bright highlands materials. So, I think you are seeing a bright patch of the highlands floor on Franklin crater poking through the darker impact melt material.”

  2. Thomas J says :

    Thanks Tom, I think Irene’s take on the is is very interesting. Topographic high seems, to me, one of the reasons that would account for these beautiful bright areas.

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