Merry Christmas Moon Zoo!

to everyone involved in the Moon Zoo project!

On top of the Christmas tree is the snowman from Apollo 12. The other images are some of the lunar “snowscapes” that have been posted on the forum including Santa’s Christmas stocking (from Aristarchus.)

Since Moon Zoo launched back in May we have spent 7 months measuring craters, comparing boulders, posting stunning images, finding the unusual and unexpected and chatting about anything and everything. A real community has developed on the Moon Zoo forum and I hope more people will join us there in the New Year.

Forum member Tom128’s Moon Zoo word cloud spaceship courtesy of gives a flavour of some of the forum topics.

So wherever you are and however you will be spending the Christmas holidays try to find a few spare moments to go outside and look up at the Moon. There will be a total lunar eclipse on the 21 December visible to many of us followed by a photogenic waning Moon over the following few days. And spare a thought for the Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter spacecraft as it carries on doing its job so that we can carry on doing ours.

And don’t forget the Zooniverse Advent Calendar for some more astronomical tricks and treats from the Zooniverse team.

Jules is a volunteer moderator for the Moon Zoo forum

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One response to “Merry Christmas Moon Zoo!”

  1. Willodean Disalvo says :

    I am sorry for delay, but Happy New Year 2011 everyone!. I come and read the blog very often.

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