Moon Zoo Science Meeting at LPSC Packed the House!

Moon Zoo Team Meeting at LPSC, 2011 - Pamela Gay's Camera

Moon Zoo Team Meeting at LPSC, 2011 - Pamela Gay's Camera

Two weeks ago, March 7-11, was the annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) in Texas. An open invite was out for anyone interested in Moon Zoo to attend to give input and get more information about the project. We expected about a dozen but twice that many showed as we crammed ourselves around a table during lunch on Thursday. The photo was taken by one of the waitresses.

The meeting was scheduled for about 75 minutes but some of us were still talking about the project over three hours later. These are people interested in Moon Zoo’s results for science, public outreach, use in the classrooms, and studying how people learn and interact.

We’ll be uploading a new round of images soon for Moon Zoo with some interesting regions of the moon, including the poorly understood but GIGANTIC 2500-km South Pole-Aitken basin. Stay tuned!


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