Crater Chain Boulevard

This is a very busy section for crater chains/secondary impacts near the Lunar North Pole at 72.51 N, 121.37 W

Act-React Quick Map

The impact formation at top right is especially interesting:

It is somewhat of a mystery to me on how it formed.  You can see what appears to be an ejecta blanket that perhaps moved in a W-E direction giving the surface a sculpted and scraped appearance.  That would be fine except for the line of craters that have made a chain of impacts on the left edge of this formation that would seem to have come in from a N-S or S-N direction.  Notice there is no surface ejecta sculpting to the left of this chain.

What are your thoughts?

Tom128 is a regular contributor to the Moon Zoo forum


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One response to “Crater Chain Boulevard”

  1. dicarlo1 says :

    anyone find any possible cave openings in some of the craters ?

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