42 years later….Apollo 11

We already know how useful it is to view an object under different illumination and a number of areas of interest have had many LRO passes in order to photograph the same region many times under different lighting conditions. The Apollo landing sites are obvious targets of interest and this week’s Image of the Week celebrates the 42nd anniversary of the first Moon landing by making use of the multiple images taken of the landing site.

Moon Zoo forum regular jumpjack produced a couple of amazing animations of the Apollo 11 landing site showing the Lunar Module descent stage in some detail.

After a little discussion and research he produced another based on enhanced LRO Apollo 11 images. He describes the process in his blog.

These images have a 3-D feel and show the Lunar Module and equipment around the site in some detail. Here’s an annotated still from jumpjack’s blog site:

This is the entire Lunar Module the base of which is the descent stage left behind on the Moon 42 years ago and what we are looking at now photographed by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.


And if you enjoyed that you might also enjoy this – one of several similar videos based on the same idea. This is from You Tube by GoneToPlaid of the Apollo 11 landing site.

Jules is a volunteer moderator for the Moon Zoo forum


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