Flaming Heart Moon fish

Forum regular Tom128 originally found this feature back in February and called it a Valentine flaming heart. It was recently rediscovered by kodemunkey, champion of the ACT-REACT Quick Map search tool and became the Moon fish. It is situated at the end of a long landslide on the walls of Chladni crater located at 4.01N, 1.04 E. Moon Zoo team member IreneAnt thought is was likely caused by a low velocity impact (either primary or secondary) which disturbed material on the crater wall enough to trigger a separate mini landslide.

NAC ref: M109229693RE

We are collecting landslides such as this on the forum. They can form quite intricate patterns and because they have not been eroded by further impacts they are thought to be relatively young features (which in lunar terms means less than 1 billion years old).

There are more unusual features to be found in the forum’s Pareidolia collection.

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