The Varied Moon

Not one image of the week but 10. If someone tells you that the Moon is dull, grey and boring here are some images to prove them wrong. My top 10 lunar tourist sites.

They say a picture paints a thousand words so I’ll be brief! Sit back and enjoy the views and follow the links if you want more information.

Caro’s Tadpole
Ina rock formation
“Buried skull” rock formation
“The Moon Whale” cavity
Copernicus – collapsed void
Oblique relief images
Reiner Gamma
“Black stuff”
Tycho central peak
Apollo 17 landing site

All images LRO/NASA

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Citizen scientist and volunteer. Forum moderator for the Milky Way Project, Solar Stormwatch, Science Gossip and Shakespeare's World. Owner of 3 telescopes, a dog and a meteorite.

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