December 18: 10 more facts about Apollo 17

1. Jack Schmitt discovered some unusual orange coloured “soil” later found to contain volcanic glass.

2. The Apollo 17 mission patch.

3. Apollo 17 was the eleventh and final mission to carry astronauts in the Apollo space program.

4. The command module was named America and the the ascent stage of the lunar module was Challenger.

The descent stage was left on the Moon at coordinates 20.19080°N 30.77168°E.

LROC Video of the site here.

5. Lunar rovers were used on Apollo missions 15, 16. and 17.

Apollo 17’s Lunar rover Apollo Lunar Surface Journal

6. Apollo 17 was the only Apollo mission to carry the Traverse Gravimeter Experiment (TGE.) The TGE made measurements of the lunar gravity and its variation over time. It also investigated tidal distortions of the shape of the Moon.

7. Jack Schmitt turned to from space exploration to politics and in January 1977 he began a six-year term as one of New Mexico’s Senators in Washington. His was on the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee; the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee and the Select Committee on Ethics.

8. The name of the Apollo 17 recovery ship was USS Ticonderoga.

9. There were no seats in the Lunar Module.

10. The Apollo programme defined 10 mission types from A (unmanned test flights) to J (extended lunar scientific missions). Apollo 17 was a J-type mission.


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