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The Varied Moon

Not one image of the week but 10. If someone tells you that the Moon is dull, grey and boring here are some images to prove them wrong. My top 10 lunar tourist sites.

They say a picture paints a thousand words so I’ll be brief! Sit back and enjoy the views and follow the links if you want more information.

Caro’s Tadpole
Ina rock formation
“Buried skull” rock formation
“The Moon Whale” cavity
Copernicus – collapsed void
Oblique relief images
Reiner Gamma
“Black stuff”
Tycho central peak
Apollo 17 landing site

All images LRO/NASA


Images with a Difference

Happy 4th of July to all stateside Moon Zooites!

Back in April Moon Zoo forum regular JFincannon drew our attention to a batch of LRO images taken at oblique angles. The resulting NAC images needed the application of an appropriate stretch. 5:1 is a rough guide but doesn’t work for all of them and we are still trying to fathom a way to calculate the correct ratio for each image. However, our results so far are pretty amazing and show views of the lunar landscape up close and personal. So sit back and enjoy something a little different in this week’s composite Image(s) of the Week. There are more pictures and debate over in the forum thread.


For similar images check out the The LRO News site and this amazing video as LROC explores Tycho’s central peak. I recommend full screen for this one – the bigger the better!

Jules is a volunteer moderator for the Moon Zoo forum