Awesome Crater

Fra Mauro D crater

Fra Mauro D crater

This crater was found by user mercutin and posted in the Crater Questions thread on 4th November 2010.

This crater lip — in the mare south of Apollo 14 — can only be called “awesome” – mercutin

# ID: AMZ4000b8o
# Latitude: -4.79051°
# Longitude: 342.43°

I downloaded the LRO strip containing the crater and extracted the following image:

from strip: M102265088LC

The crater is called Fra Mauro D and is “a thermal anomaly crater” according to Moore et al 1980 (not Patrick Moore). It is about 5 km in diameter.

There is some very well defined dendritic filament-like debris flow on the crater wall, just what we are looking for in the TLP Project – The Landslides of Birt / Gullies project.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find an adjoining strip so it appears we only have half of this crater in LRO.

This NASA article has a picture of the Fra Mauro D crater: Apollo 14 Landing Site


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2 responses to “Awesome Crater”

  1. Allan Treiman says :

    Really nice debris flows. Many have levees, raised edges. Lots of boulders.

  2. Katie says :

    Moon Zoo users hopefully will be pleased to hear that scientists at the Lunar and Planetary Institute discussed this crater in a meeting about the Moon last Friday (you were all given a heads up to acknowldge your discovery!) – it was brought up as a nice example in a discussion about lunar gullies! So thank you and please keep hunting for landslides 🙂 Katie

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