Melt collapse in Giordano Bruno crater

Melt Collapse

Melt Collapse

The following amazing image was posted in the “Interesting Terrain” thread by Irene Ant on 26 February 2011. She discovered it on the LROC web site.

from: LROC web site

It’s from the impact melt-covered floor of a large crater (Giordano Bruno). Basically, the thinking is that while the impact melt was cooling, some of the still-molten melt drained away (but it’s not clear where to). This left the flash-frozen top (chill crust) of the melt unsupported, so it collapsed into this jagged rubble.
[quote by Irene Ant]

Giordano Bruno is a young crater and there is some discussion about whether a flash seen in the 12th century in the area of the Moon where the crater is located may be evidence of its formation. See the link The Mysterious Case of Crater Giordano Bruno at the end of this post for more information.

Another view of the melt collapse:

from strip: M110919730LE

This is an interesting crater to explore and I did notice that there is a distinct lack of craters within Giordano Bruno crater (or at least the strip I was exploring) which shows that it is of “recent” origin.

There are many areas that look like the surface has melted and flowed leaving behind strange patterns.

both images from strip: M110919730LE

The Mysterious Case of Crater Giordano Bruno


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