Departure from: Moon

Shamelessly copied from today’s LPOD (Lunar Photo of the Day), this is the Customs and Immigration form signed by Apollo 11 astronauts after returning from the Moon. Yes – even the first lunar visitors had to go through customs on the way back!

My favourite bit:

“Any other condition on board which may lead to the spread of disease:

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4 responses to “Departure from: Moon”

  1. Paul Beavis says :

    It is the 26 Mar 2013 at 2053. What is the glitter coming from the moon at the bottom right edge. Seen with binoculars.

    • juleswilkinson says :

      Need a little more information Paul. What phase of Moon were you looking at? Sometimes you can see mountain peaks catching sunlight on the part of the Moon in shadow. This would be a few days after full Moon for the location you mention.

      • Paul Beavis says :

        I’m in Nowra NSW looking up at a full moon 12.45am & the glitter is still there that I have not seen before. Do we have a stronger enough satellite pic of the moon buggy that’s still there.

  2. juleswilkinson says :

    If I get chance I’ll have a look at the Moon tonight (UK time!) There are some LRO Apollo 17 rover images here:

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